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What Is IKN?

Integrated Kinetic Neurology was born out of the necessity to bring a simple and practical understanding of neurology to movement providers of all levels. Our courses will equip you with the tools to immediately improve your results and change the way you look at movement.

Online Courses

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Visual Systems: Assessment & Loading for Movement Practitioners

Visual Systems: Assessment & Loading for Movement Practitioners

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Vestibular System: Assessment & Loading for Movement Practioners

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Neural Loading: Neurodynamic Strategies to Improve Movement

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IKN Course Benefits

We are here to shake up the continuing education space, learn how we are different!


Discover the power of applied neurology and how to harness it to improve pain and build a stronger, more pain-free body.


Learn the neurology behind movement and how the nervous system influences biomechanics.


Our courses are created by providers who have been in the clinic and know practicality trumps everything!


Learn how to assess and train the sensory systems including proprioceptive, vestibular and visual to improve efficiency of movement.


We focus on how to describe and explain this to your PATIENTS. They must have a grasp of what is being done to them.


Learn how to combine this approach to your CURRENT techniques!

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What People Are Saying About Our Course

I waited for the course for almost an entire year and it was 100% worth every second. It’s like you took all the puzzle pieces of rehab and performance and integrated them into one magical masterpiece and that’s what the IKN approach felt to me. It opened my eyes to new possibilities and areas I’ve never thought about. My outlook and perspective on how we heal the human being has changed radically since that day. I’m more than grateful and honored to have taken the course especially now as a PT student and for me as a strength coach.

Henry K.

I just took the Seattle, WA IKN course Approach course and it was awesome! So much integration of pain science, neurology, lymphatics into practical usable tools for client/patient care at all levels. This course is awesome for all movement professionals - if you are looking for some cutting edge practical tools this is the course for you!

Christine T.

If you are looking to take your treatment and knowledge base to the next level, to look outside the box of conventional treatment, this is your go-to course. The guys are IKN are breaking the glass ceiling on how we deal with pain management/ treatment for our clients. So if you are hitting a plateau or just not progressing as quickly as you would like with your clients, look no further and sign up for this course!

Ciara P.

Just took the IKN approach DC course this past weekend, which I highly recommend. The information you will gain will help change your treatment approach and add valuable tools to your clinical toolbox. The IKN approach challenges you to think outside of the box, and add on top of your current treatment knowledge, to help accelerate the treatment timeframe. This is something extremely valuable in the healthcare system. Thanks to the highly competent team at IKN.

Alex B.

IKN is a multifaceted approach to therapy, which can enrich the lives of patients and clients, so they can reach new levels of success and empowerment. Too much of current healthcare and therapy is focused on labeling symptoms with a damaging and discouraging diagnosis. IKN is completely individualized to help each and every patient or client that walks into the door. Not one singular approach works for all, and IKN provides the tools on how to thoroughly assess each everyone in their unique way. IKN has completely changed how I provide healthcare to my patients and clients.

Joe P.

Highly recommended course! I developed an understanding of a significant amount of immediately applicable techniques/systems that can be used across most all age groups and clinical scenarios. I've used the IKN approach in my current setting and have already obtained remarkable results. I firmly believe that the power of the IKN approach will make it the future of both physical medicine and emotional well being.

Jimmy M.

Dr. Foley and Dr. Paxton sought to make inherently complex concepts as digestible as possible and succeeded massively. What the team at IKN has done is combine many modern approaches to treating pain and performance issues, while turning them into a cohesive system. I appreciated that the IKN approach didn’t force me to only do things exactly how they do, but allowed me to take what I learned, intuitively use it in different ways, and immediately start seeing better results day 1 after the course. Combining the integrated kinetic neurology approach to bringing safety to the nervous system with the other treatment approaches I was already using has quickly changed my practice and I look forward to using it to empower my clients.

Sam H.

I would highly recommend this course! I was sick of waiting weeks to get results with my patients and was looking for ways to speed the process. This course provided me with some progressive new techniques taking a whole-body approach to give me instant change with my patients. I have been using these techniques on my pediatric, geriatric, and active population, and it has been an excellent addition to my skillset. These techniques are where rehab is heading, so be ahead of the game and get your hands on them!

Larissa S.

As a physical therapist and strength and conditioning coach, I deal with a lot of athletes who always get injured but who are also looking for techniques to get them to the next level. That was the main reason I took this course! I used the IKN drills with a client who had back pain in the bottom of is deadlift and we did the techniques right before and he had ZERO pain for the first time in a few weeks. The amazing part for me was that he added another 20 pounds onto his lift during that same session. I can't wait to keep using this stuff for myself and my clients!!

Diane Marie

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