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A Simple Question. A Big Movement.

In 2018 Dr. Foley and I (Dr. Kyle Paxton) had an impactful conversation. I vividly remember it because it became the inspiration for IKN. I heard the familiar jingle of FaceTime alerting me a video call was coming in. It was Ryan. Both of us were practice owners, and frequently checked in. The conversation began like many others, about our love of our work. We shared stories of various discoveries in the clinic, new research we read, and cases that challenged us. But then we reached an unusual conversational topic, our frustrations. Up to this point in our careers we've had strong mentors and supportive environments to practice. But something was missing. As the conversation continued, there was a shift, and a fateful question was asked. What could we do to fix this?
With the results we were getting and the knowledge we had we knew could help fill some of the gaps in movement education. We saw that neurology is thought to only be "needed" when working with patients who had a stroke or Parkinson's disease. We needed to get people to understand, neurology effects everything we do. There was no better place to start than teaching our friends from PT school, so we invited everyone together for a weekend "course". This is where IKN started coming together.
During the weekend, we realized the difficulties of implementing complex topics into day to day practice, and knew our goal going forward would be practicality. We had worked in busy clinics and gyms and knew to be effective, whatever we taught had to fit into those settings. We have focused our development of all our programs since then to make sure you can use what you learn with us the next day.
We never expected to grow into what IKN has now, with courses taught in over 20 countries around the world. We attribute this growth to the fact that we have never veered from the initial reason we developed IKN. This being to shift away from a reductionist view of human movement and pain and help professionals help more people.

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Visual Systems: Assessment & Loading for Movement Practitioners

Visual Systems: Assessment & Loading for Movement Practitioners

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Vestibular System: Assessment & Loading for Movement Practioners

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Neural Loading: Neurodynamic Strategies to Improve Movement

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We are here to shake up the continuing education space, learn how we are different!


Discover the power of applied neurology and how to harness it to improve pain and build a stronger, more pain-free body.


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Our courses are created by providers who have been in the clinic and know practicality trumps everything!


Learn how to assess and train the sensory systems including proprioceptive, vestibular and visual to improve efficiency of movement.


We focus on how to describe and explain this to your PATIENTS. They must have a grasp of what is being done to them.


Learn how to combine this approach to your CURRENT techniques!

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