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What Is IKN?

Integrated Kinetic Neurology is a system born out of an understanding that there is no singular approach to healing the human body. We believe by combining the most cutting edge techniques in the fields of neuroscience and movement, there can be immediate, and long lasting effects such as decreased pain, along with improved performance, function and quality of life

Our Courses

What to expect at an IKN course!

IKN Course Benefits

  • Discover the power of applied neurology and how to harness it to improve pain and build a stronger, more pain free body.

  • Learn hands on techniques including neurolymphatic activation points, and how to integrate these drills into your daily life.

  • Build neurological connection by learning our neuro-balancing movements to harness specific neurology faciliating change.  

  • Assess and train all sensory systems including visual, vesitbular and more to create an integrated state.

  • Understand PRACTICAL pain science and many ways to describe what  you are doing to your client.

  • Learn how to combine this approach to your CURRENT approaches and movement!

IKN Seminars

IKN Approach Level 1

IKN Approach Level 1

From Regular price $599.00

IKN Approach Level 2

IKN Approach Level 2

Regular price $599.00

IKN Performance

IKN Performance

Regular price $299.00

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