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What Is IKN?

Integrated Kinetic Neurology is a system born out of an understanding that there is no singular approach to healing the human body. We believe by combining the most cutting edge techniques in the fields of neuroscience and movement, there can be immediate, and long lasting effects such as decreased pain, along with improved performance, function and quality of life


IKN Course Benefits

  • Discover the power of applied neurology and how to harness it to improve pain and build a stronger, more pain free body.

  • Learn hands on techniques to improve neuromuscular connection, and how to integrate these drills into your daily life

  • Build ultimate body control and elicit safety within the nervous system by moving with the resistance of your own body

  • Enhance the bodies recovery system by targeting multiple layers in a specific sequence

  • Learn valuable knowledge that you can use to helps clients, family, and friends for years to come

  • Become part of an ever evolving community and gain access to many resources you can use within class or one-on-one sessions

IKN Courses

IKN Approach

IKN Approach

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IKN Performance

IKN Performance

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