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What Is IKN?

Integrated Kinetic Neurology was born out of the necessity to bring a simple and practical understanding of neurology to movement providers of all levels. Our courses will equip you with the tools to immedietly improve your practice and change the way you treat patients and look at movement. 

Our Courses

What to expect at an IKN course!

IKN Course Benefits

  • Discover the power of applied neurology and how to harness it to improve pain and build a stronger, more pain free body.

  • Learn the neurology behind movement and how the nervous system influences biomechanics

  • Our courses are created by providers who have been in the clinic and know practicality trumps everything!

  • Learn how to assess and train the sensory systems including proprioceptive, vestibular and visual to improve efficiency of movement

  • We focus on how to describe and explain this to your PATIENTS. They must have a grasp of what is being done to them.

  • Learn how to combine this approach to your CURRENT techniques!

IKN Seminars

IKN Approach Level 1

IKN Approach Level 1

From Regular price $599.00

IKN Approach Level 2

IKN Approach Level 2

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IKN Performance

IKN Performance

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