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About Us

Meet Our Founders

Dr. Kyle Paxton - Co-Founder

Dr. Kyle Paxton has earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science, along with his Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree from a private university in New York. He now owns a multi-location sports medicine practice in both Washington, DC & Tampa, FL. He continues to push IKN to strive to change the dogma in the movement and rehab profession and get individuals to respect the role of BOTH the nervous system and biomechanics.

Dr. Ryan Foley - Co-Founder

Dr. Ryan Foley He earned his Doctor of Physical Therapy and Bachelor’s degree in health sciences, psychology, and gerontology from Nazareth University, Rochester, New York. He began his career in Miami working with professional athletes, before moving to Manhattan to work in an orthopaedic setting with post-surgical cases and individuals experiencing chronic pain. He later returned back to Ireland to engage in further education in applied neuroscience & biomechanical methods, exploring how they can be integrated with traditional musculoskeletal approach for those experiencing pain and movement limitations. He now owns his own private practice in his hometown Waterford, Ireland.