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Breathing is the core of everything we do, and this online course dynamically changed the way I view breath work and how I use it in my practice.

Steve S.

“The course was phenomenal. They took a topic that is normally very complex and made it digestable and understandable”

Shante C.

“The IKN Performance course was exactly what I needed to get my athletes past the training plataeus that they hit.”

Stephanie W.

“IKN gets it. They are pushing the boundaries of what musculoskeletal rehab is going to be in the next 5 years. I recommend jumping in now!”

Richard R.

“This was exactly the course I needed that equipped me with the tools to explain pain and movement to my patients in the right way”

Joseph T.

“The concussion course was the first online course that I ACTUALLY enjoyed. It was so comprehensive and easy to understand.”

Lauren S.

“I have my orthopedic residency and this course made me realize that neurology influences orthopedics more than anyone likes to lead on to”

Jessica P.

“I think this is a course every new grad physical therapist should take to change their perspective on the outdated approaches they are taught in school”

Max F.

“If you are looking for a course to take your rehab to the next level than IKN courses are it. It is a fundamental piece of how I view all movement and pain.”

Trisha S.

“My athletes who have plateaued in their power have had huge changes after implementing the things I learned at the IKN course”

Steve A.

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