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“This course is exactly the gap I was looking to fill. It is going to allow me to help so many more people”

Jen I.

“I came into this course not knowing what to expect, but this course has completely changed my perspective on movement”

Matt Z.

“I took this course to challenge my beliefs of biomechanics and it did a great job of tying things together. This will allow me to more successfully look at movement”

Erik M.

“I love the diversity of professions that took the course, it allowed for conversations that were invaluable”

Anthony W.

“I took this course to help myself, but am leaving with the feeling that I can accurately explain and help other people as well”

Risika K.

“This course is on the cutting edge, the instructors are young, and are pushing the edge of what I thought continuing education was”

Ashley S.

“I am happy to finally take a course where the instructors don’t think their approach is the only one that works”

Chris A.

“Hands down the best course I have ever take”

Isaiah T.

“What I love about this course is that it approaches neurology in a way that can be used in orthopedics”

Jennifer S.

“I have taken a bunch of neurology courses but never have I had the information so practically presented in a way that I felt confident on Monday implementing what I learned”

Sarah G.

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