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I just finished the Neural Loading course and I was able to use some of the techniques the same day! This course was so practical and showed you how to use the peripheral nervous system to make changes in not just pain but strength.

Casey J.

I took the IKN Approach Level 1 course and it was such an amazing value. It gives you tons of immediately practical info, along with background and continued resources going forward.

Samuel H.

The Neural Loading course was a great window into how neurology, pain and orthopedics are so closely intertwined.

Mike A.

The Conscious vs. Subconscious online course covers what should be all movement professionals foundations for understanding movement strategies. I would highly recommend it!

Richard A.

The breath coordination course bridged the gap perfectly between breathing concepts, the neuroscience behind it and how that effects our musculoskeletal system.

Jennifer E.

Breathing is the core of everything we do, and this online course dynamically changed the way I view breath work and how I use it in my practice.

Steve S.

“The course was phenomenal. They took a topic that is normally very complex and made it digestable and understandable”

Shante C.

“The IKN Performance course was exactly what I needed to get my athletes past the training plataeus that they hit.”

Stephanie W.

“IKN gets it. They are pushing the boundaries of what musculoskeletal rehab is going to be in the next 5 years. I recommend jumping in now!”

Richard R.

“This was exactly the course I needed that equipped me with the tools to explain pain and movement to my patients in the right way”

Joseph T.

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