Refund Policy


Refund Policy

For our seminars we refund 90% if you notify us inside of one month of the course, 50% within 2 weeks, and 25% inside 1 week of course. For our online webinars and apparel all sales are final.

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Dr. Foley and Dr. Paxton sought to make inherently complex concepts as digestible as possible and succeeded massively. What the team at IKN has done is combine many modern approaches to treating pain and performance issues, while turning them into a cohesive system. I appreciated that the IKN approach didn’t force me to only do things exactly how they do, but allowed me to take what I learned, intuitively use it in different ways, and immediately start seeing better results day 1 after the course. Combining the integrated kinetic neurology approach to bringing safety to the nervous system with the other treatment approaches I was already using has quickly changed my practice and I look forward to using it to empower my clients.

Sam H.

I waited for the course for almost an entire year and it was 100% worth every second. It’s like you took all the puzzle pieces of rehab and performance and integrated them into one magical masterpiece and that’s what the IKN approach felt to me. It opened my eyes to new possibilities and areas I’ve never thought about. My outlook and perspective on how we heal the human being has changed radically since that day. I’m more than grateful and honored to have taken the course especially now as a PT student and for me as a strength coach.

Henry K.

Just took the IKN approach DC course this past weekend, which I highly recommend. The information you will gain will help change your treatment approach and add valuable tools to your clinical toolbox. The IKN approach challenges you to think outside of the box, and add on top of your current treatment knowledge, to help accelerate the treatment timeframe. This is something extremely valuable in the healthcare system. Thanks to the highly competent team at IKN.

Alex B.

Just took the Seattle, WA IKN course Approach course and it was awesome! So much integration of pain science, neurology, lymphatics into practical usable tools for client/patient care at all levels. This course is awesome for all movement professionals - if you are looking for some cutting edge practical tools this is the course for you!

Christine T.

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