Sensory Webinar Series: Cerebellum Now Available!

IKN Performance

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IKN Performance is a 1 day 8 hour interactive course that is heavily movement based. It will cover a large number of techniques and exercises that will properly harness the nervous system to improve speed, strength and power. We will focus cover drills to improve force absorption, speed of contraction, muscle sequencing and sensory processing. This course will allow you to take any movement and make it more stimulatory to the brain and nervous system. All the techniques in this course are able to be performed hands off, making it perfect for coaches, trainers, athletes, or anyone working in the sports performance world. 

Details about exact course location and time will be emailed to you after you register for the city you would like to attend at!


  • Introduction/theory
  • Neurology 101
  • Importance of neurology in the sports performance world


  • Breathing’s relationship with sports performance
  • Breathing techniques


  • Neurolymphatic Reflex Point stimulation and sequencing


  • Vestibular System 101
  • How to assess the vestibular system
  • Treatment techniques to improve performance

Lunch Break 12:00pm-1:00pm


  • Cerebellum 101
  • How to assess the cerebellum
  • Treatment techniques to address cerebellar deficits


  • Visual System 101
  • How to assess the visual system
  • Visual drills, and tools to combine into movement


  • Neural Balancing Movements to improve ROM
  • Neural Modifier's, to change any exercise to be more stimulatory to the brain
  • Importance of muscle sequencing
  • Cross Body & Brain Safety movements to improve force production
  • Kinetic Stretching