IKN Approach Level 2 Online Korea - Integrated Kinetic Neurology

IKN Approach Level 2 Online Korea


The current cohort is currently closed. Stay tuned for details of when the next one will open!

This course builds on IKN Approach Level 1, with a larger focus on creating clear, step by step rehabilitation plans for common musculoskeletal conditions using more specific applied neuroscience strategies. The difference in neural control of the upper limb, lower limb, and midline will be harnessed further and used to design specific treatment plans to improve how these body regions tolerate load and maintain robustness with real-world movement, to reduce the need for pain.

The courses will have Korean Subtitles throughout!


You will get:
-Access to pre-course materials 1 week before the course begins
-Rolling access to 1-2.5hrs of video content each week once the course begins
-Access to a private Facebook group with bonus content and more communication
-LIFETIME ACCESS to the material

Review the IKN Approach Level 2 Online Outline HERE!
Sample Level 2 Online Course Schedule HERE!

You will be emailed your login information to access all course material 1 week before the course begins!

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Course Previews:



“I was looking forward to taking the in person course, but plans changed due to Covid. I signed up for the online version, I’ve been impressed with quality of the materials, and actually being able to replay elements of the lectures has really helped me nail the basics, rather than trying to frantically scribble notes down. The IKN team have been super helpful with questions as we’ve gone along to help us apply their techniques in our own practice modalities.”

The content delivered in IKN Level 1 totally transformed my thinking around how our bodies move and interact with the world around us. Understanding the body from an evolutionary perspective is a game-changer in terms how to approach designing and implementing movement programs. This course offered a totally new set of tools to help me work with clients in a way that will translate to improved day to day life. It’s been a perfect complement to the extensive studying I’ve done in biomechanics to create a well rounded view of how our bodies adapt, increase capacity and become more robust through a combination of changes within the nervous system and tissue mechanics. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to become more empowered as a movement professional so they can truly help improve the quality of life of their clients with useful, actionable tools.”

Fantastic course. Y’all took a very complex system and simplified it in an easy to understand manner that was very practical. I thoroughly enjoyed and am very grateful for the content that was put together. Kudos!!!”


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