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Who Are We?

Integrated Kinetic Neurology is a system born out of an understanding that there is no singular approach to healing the human body. We believe the fields of both movement and rehab have become far too reductionist in their view of human movement and pain. IKN strives to combine both the fields of neuroscience and movement, so we can address the body in ways that will facilitate long term change

What can you expect?

  • Learn how deeply all movement and pain is connect by neurology.
  • Become a better provider by diving into the connection between neurology and movement.
  • Explore the clinical implications of integrating neurology is daily practice.
  • Break through the orthopedic lens by adding new viewpoints.
  • Save time and grow beyond interventional diagnosis into individualized diagnosis.
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How Does Neurology Affect Everything We Do? Find out!

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Integrate Neuro with Ortho

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This book will transform your clinical mind.

This ebook will walk you through how neurology effects everything we do, including all movement, and pain. This book will get you to understand how everything we do in the movement world is influenced by neurology. This means it is critical to understand the connection between the two in order to truly be the best provider possible.

Understanding the neurological implications of your interventions will allow you to be more effective with dosage and exercise choice. When you can influence neurology it will make everything you do specific to the individual in front of you

Stop yourself from running into walls with your strictly orthopedic lens. Don’t keep trying the same interventions for weeks hoping “time” will help. Stop you from giving general interventions based on a diagnosis and not an individual.

How Does Neurology Affect Everything We Do? Find out!

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