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IKN Concussion

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This is an 5 hour online course with voiced over powerpoint modules, and recorded video segments, and pdf resources focusing on understanding a concussion, current best practices, treatment techniques and the IKN Lens.

The goal of this course is to give structure to the concussion rehab world and give the everyday practitioner confidence when one walks through their door. 

The reason we recommend our IKN Approach is we do take some assumptions in knowledge regarding some of the sensory drills and vocabulary. 


What is a concussion?

-Pathophysiology of concussion/TBI
-Definitions, and statistics
-Metabolic Changes (Neuro-Metabolic Cascade)

 Recognizing Symptoms

-4 categories: Physical, Thinking, emotional, sleep
-Red Flags

 Sideline/Lockeroom Concussion Assessment Tools

-CRT, SCAT, SAT, BESS, background of each, and differences

Post-Concussion Testing

-ImPACT, Concussion Vital Signs, C3Logix, Sway
-Background, when to be implemented, what systems is it testing?
-Post Concussion Syndrome, how long can symptoms affect you? 

Current Return to Learn & Play Best Practices

-International Concussion in Sport Group Consensus Statement
-Acute rest recommendations, how much is too much rest?
-4 step return to learn
-6 step return to play
-How to use post-concussion testing as a guideline for return

 Neural Fatigue

-What is it?
-Balance as an indicator (Limit of Stability)
-How our sensory integration system can help

Sensory Integration Progression

-Utilizing sensory integration of visual, vestibular, proprioceptive and cerebellar progressing within the return to learn & play protocol and treatment of post-concussion syndrome
-Specific progressions to not over stimulate

Assessments and drills for specific areas of brain depending on area of impact


What is the research telling us about diet?

-Offsetting the excitotoxicity of a concussion