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This 1 day 8 hour course that will teach you to properly instruct KineticFlow classes. KineticFlow is an integrated movement, class-based system that combines our applied neuroscience techniques to develop stronger, more flexible and more pain free bodies. 

KineticFlow is a system born out of an understanding that there is no singular approach to healing the human body, or creating optimal strength and flexibility. This system integrated many different strategies designed to give your body as many resources as possible to create a positive change.

The course will teach the “flow” and sequence of the class to create optimal safety in the nervous system and then capitalize on this by developing full body control.

This is accomplished by combing specific breathing exercises, reflexive facilitation, specific kinetic stretching, sensory integration and brain stimulating movement to unravel full body tension.

This system is the ultimate class based system to improve health, recover and improve performance on multiple levels.