Boost Your Brain Health
with the Cognitive Enhancement program by IKN.

Popularly integrated by research pioneers, elite military units, and workplace wellness thought leaders.

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High Level Performers in business, sports, academics, career paths, clinical excellence, and even elite security forces have once thing in common: The ability to make strong, focused decisions in a high-pressure environment.

Integrated Kinetic Neurology has become an industry leader in combining both neuroscience and movement to effect change on the brain and body. They have taught this information to providers around the world, and now have created this program to bring this information to everyone.


  • Cognitive Enhancement routines can be done anywhere, at any time — and, it takes little time to do!
  • Lowers stress, helps you feel centered and grounded, and calms your mind.
  • Improve your ability and efficiency in processing rapid paced information.
  • Gear your nervous system up for readiness in facing high-pressure situation with focus.
  • A daily cognitive practice costs less than 1% of your day and can improve the other 99%.
  • Decrease brain inflammation; prevent patterns that can lead to depression and dementia.
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Cognitive Enhancement recharges your brain on a regular basis.

Similar to charging your devices or getting upgrades, your brain needs a chance to refresh to reach peak performance.

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Make Better, Quicker Decisions

Boost Your Brain Health

Channel Stress Into Productivity

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Additional Health Benefits from Cognitive Enhancement:

  • Whether you want to simply enjoy your daily routine more, or achieve your goal to get that promotion, a daily cognitive practice helps strengthen your mind, intuition, and your physical body toward realizing your aim.
  • In less than 15 minutes a day, you can decrease stress, improve your mental energy and physical health, expand your creativity, hone your focus, and simply enjoy life more.
  • As you increase your brain health you're also improving your gut health. Making better decisions about your diet improves your gut's ability to create natural vitamins for your brain.

Cognitive enhancement practices are readily used by elite military and security forces to sharpen their edge; when the level of stress is high and the amount of time they have to make a decision is low – they need to be ready.

In the growing complexities of daily life, giving advice is always easier than taking it; if the best in the business are practicing this critical skill for not just their performance level, but for their health — then you should too!