Breath Coordination: Assessment & Practical Integration for Movement Practitioners

—Approved CEU's for PTs and ATCs—

Integrated Kinetic Neurology is a system born out of an understanding that there is no singular approach to healing the human body. We believe the fields of both movement and rehab have become far too reductionist in their view of human movement and pain. IKN strives to combine both the fields of neuroscience and movement, so we can address the body in ways that will facilitate long term change


  • Learn innovative ways to approach breathing, breath assessment, and how to apply breath in musculoskeletal clinical care.
  • Explore how breathing influences our sensorimotor control of movement in the real world
  • Dive into clinical variability, pain, and treatment around the midline of our body.
  • Discover solutions to your tough cases of midline pain.
  • Expand beyond the "usual" breathing cues for every patient — especially to progress beyond supine interventions of breath training and acute low back pain scenarios.

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This 1.5 hour course offers you new ways to approach breathing, how to assess it, and how to incorporate new integration strategies by merging musculoskeletal and applied neuroscience-based approaches. We dive into how breathing influences our sensorimotor control of movement in the real world, the importance of the rib cage for breathing efficiency, movement variability, and pain particularly around the midline of our body. This course is heavy with practical information, and we cover breathing assessments, as well at practical integrations to begin using tomorrow in practice.

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